Kabaddi Betting

About the Sport

Kabaddi is a game that originated during ancient India about 3000 years ago. It is a team sport. In recent times, with the arrival of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2014, it has gained a lot of popularity among people, especially in Asia. Betting on kabaddi is now enjoyed by sports enthusiasts. Kabaddi is a fun game enjoyed by all, and we hope you enjoy it too by supporting your favourite team.

How Do We Play

Basically, there are two teams in kabaddi, and each team has seven players. They face off each other in a given rectangular area thirteen meters long and ten meters wide. One member of a team runs to the centre of the court of another trying to touch them and escape without being caught. Each session lasts for twenty minutes. Accordingly, the points are increased for each team.

How Do You Bet on Kabaddi?

The very first step of betting on kabaddi is to find a suitable and secure platform and make a deposit there. 10Cric and 1xBet are some of the most popular kabaddi betting sites that Indian players use. After that, you need to pick a league or a tournament where you can place your bets on your preferred team. Some of the most popular kabaddi leagues where people like to bet on are the Pro Kabaddi and Super Kabaddi league. These leagues happen in India and Pakistan. There is also International Kabaddi Federation that organizes Kabaddi Masters, Kabaddi Asia Cup and Kabaddi World Cup. We suggest you search for the best possible betting odds and then place a bet. You can bet on all prospects of the match like points scored, bonus, etc. and not only the overall winner of the match. You can also enjoy live kabaddi betting on many platforms which means you can bet even when the match is going on.

Things to Consider While Placing a Bet

Before you bet on kabaddi, there are a few things that you need to make sure. The very first thing to consider is that the platform you are betting on has several leagues of kabaddi and not just the Pro League. Because if you get the hang of betting on kabaddi, you would want to bet on other leagues. After ensuring this fact, you need to make sure that you are familiar with the terms of kabaddi that will be used on a betting site. For example, ‘Raid’ is a term that is widely used in kabaddi. It refers to the event when a member of the opposing team enters the court of the defence. For each person a raider tags, he or she gets one point. There is also a bonus point which a raider can get by entering the opposing team’s court while being on a single foot. Since these points are very important for betting on kabaddi, you need to understand specific terms.