Horse Race Betting

About the Sport

Horse racing is basically an equestrian sport in which two or more horses compete in a race. The sport was played widely in Ancient Egypt, Syria, etc. It gained popularity when it came to Britain. It was played amongst the aristocrats, and from there it gained the name ‘Sport of Kings’. The horses used in these races are Thoroughbreds, Arabian horse, Quarto horse, etc.

How Do We Play

Horse racing is of two different types. The first one is flat racing in which the horse is made to run on straight or oval racing tracks and the second one is jump racing in which the player has to make his horse jump over obstacles. The horse that reaches the end first wins the race.

How Do You Bet on horse racing?

Horse race betting and sports betting go together hand in hand. There are three basic types of bets on horse racing. These three are win, place and show. In the win, you have to bet on the 1st finisher. In place, you have to be on the first or second finisher. In the show, you have to bet on the first or second or third finisher. With each correct prediction, you win your bet. There are also many exotic betting options other than these three. Remember that you don’t get any kind of extra money if you place a bet on place or show and your horse comes first, you only win the bet and you get the money you had put a bet on.

Things to Consider While Placing a Bet

One of the most important things that bettors forget is that the rider of a horse has as much as a contribution to the race as the horse. As a result, you need to know details about both the horse and the racer. A lot of people may tell you to only focus on one, but it is not true. After that, you need to make sure that you have a spending plan. Things can go a little crazy in horse races, and you may spend more than you should from excitement. There are several sites online that give you daily horse race betting tips and predictions. Our advice is, you should have a look at those tips and predictions but should give more value to your own knowledge.