Cricket Betting

About the Sport

Cricket was widely spread across the globe during the British reign. It became massively popular in Australia, India, New Zealand, etc. Cricket is basically a game played with a bat and a ball. The International matches are regulated by ICC (International Cricket Council). In India, cricket is almost like a religion where people love this sport from their heart. As a result, there are cricket lovers in every household. Indian cricket team has been dominating the international playgrounds in recent years, and its popularity is growing rapidly.

How Do We Play

There are two teams in a match, and each team consists of eleven players. At the centre of a field is a pitch 22 yards long which has wooden wickets on both sides. There is no fixed length, breadth or radius of the field. The cricket matches are divided into periods called innings. Cricket matches played are of different types like test matches which are played over five days and Twenty20 which is played just for 20 overs each team.

How Do You Bet On Cricket

Cricket betting is not at all a bad option in the long run. In recent years, cricket betting has become extremely popular. People place bets on all types of cricket matches, from ODIs (One Day International), T20(Twenty Twenty) to league of different countries and many more. When it comes to cricket betting, betting online is a safer option than bookmakers who may fool you, and you may lose your money. The only thing you have to do is be really sharp about what are you up to and be extremely careful while placing bets. Do not take up the free advice given by people betting out there as they are not at all smarter than you. In fact, people out there are themselves horrible at it. Check out the probability and do analysis at your own level rather than taking advice. The most important thing for you to do is before placing bets understand the basics of cricket.

Things to Consider While Placing a Bet

There are some considerations before placing a bet on any site. Firstly, offline betting is not recommended because bookmaking is an illegal activity in India. Even if you try to bet offline from the help of bookmakers, there are chances of getting scammed. You may also hear from people or may find on websites that you can earn a lot of money by betting on match-fixing events. Even though there are some match-fixing incidents in international cricket, it is likely that you are getting scammed because match-fixing is illegal and any form of betting site that tries to revolve around it is also not legal. After you choose a suitable site, you need to make sure that you have watched the odds before placing a bet. Instead of choosing the odds, make sure that you are giving enough thought. Moreover, do not bet on the favourites as the odd of these bets do not have a high return value. For example, if you bet on a favourite team which is more likely to win, you will not get a good amount of money as the winning price if your predictions come true. While winning on a bet that you placed on underdogs can help you get a huge amount of money.