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As you can see, our site is an informative platform where some of the betting experts of India share their valuable knowledge with Indian bettors. We cover cricket, kabaddi, football and horse race betting. This is not a gambling site, and we do not engage in making any kinds of sportsbook. The site is made with the purpose of informing people about the basic facts of four different kinds of sports betting.

Even though cricket is the most popular sport in India and it is the reason why so many Indian bettors choose cricket to wager their money on, we believe that there are also many people who are interested in different kinds of sports. Either their interest comes naturally, or they want to know more about a sport just for betting. That is why we chose to include other sports and their information on our website.

We advise new bettors that they should choose the right platform for their betting and make sure that they know about a sport well before wagering. If you are a newbie or want to wager on a different sport, we recommend that you read our guide and also keep track of valuable statistics that can make your betting career a successful one.

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