Sports Betting in India

‘Betting’ is often a misunderstood term across the globe. Yes, it involves a lot of risks and is based on luck rather than skills.However, things have changed with the advancement of technology. While offline betting is illegal in many countries like India, there is no law so far that makes online betting an illegal activity. Except for some countries like the USA where they have American Internet Gambling Prohibition Act that makes online betting an illegal activity. India is a land where cricket is worshipped, and so is the IPL(Indian Premier League). IPL tops the list of betting in most of the betting companies. The world betting market is estimated to be around $2.5 trillion. It is estimated that the Indian gambling market alone is about US$60 billion with steady growth every year. You can bet on every prospect of a match from batting, bowling to the wicket. You may also bet on the final result of a match – who will win and who will lose. Also, you can bet on a wide variety of sports which means not only cricket but also games like football, horse racing, basketball, badminton and many more.

How to Bet?

Today, you have the option of betting online along with the traditional method of betting with individuals you meet.Online betting is the safest option as bookmakers are illegal in many countries, including India. There are several betting websites for sports which are legal. It is also the most convenient way to place a bet as you can do it using your smartphone anytime and anywhere according to your convenience. For beginners, websites like 1xBet and Bet365 are a convenient platform for legal, safe and easy betting.

Where to Bet?

There are countless online betting platforms, but you need to choose one carefully. For example, 1xBet, Bet365 and Betway are some of the best online betting platforms in the world. For choosing a suitable betting platform, you need to consider a few things. These considerations are security, certification, payment gateways, quality of sportsbook, and customer support. The betting platform you choose needs to have the maximum quality on those previously mentioned fields.
We recommend choosing a betting platform that will be the best for people in India. For example, some of the best betting platforms for Indians are Bet365, 22Bet, Bodog, 1xBet, Royal Panda, Unibet, etc. All of these sites are trusted since they have been in the online betting industry for a significant amount of time and their security and payment gateway options are preferred by Indian bettors like us. But no matter what platform you choose, checking its terms and condition and other important facts is an essential step.
As a bettor from India, you might need to choose a website that has a special welcome bonus for Indian users in rupees. You should also check if the website does transaction in Indian currency and has the options of e-wallets that you use. Since there are many good online sites that welcome Indian bettors with a warm heart, you don’t have to spend too much time looking for a good site.


Betting Odds

The betting rates are displayed in the form of these odds. They help you to know the probability and price of betting. For example, if you place a bet on 6/1 and win, you will get six units you have won plus the one unit which you had bet.Let’s take that you put a bet of 800 on these odds then if you win; you get a profit of 4800(800*6) and your 800 which you had bet back that makes a total of 5600 (4800+800). These odds can also be sometimes written as ‘money lines’. You will see odds on almost every kind of sports betting. The odds are quite similar in terms of value, but there are certain terms in each game that are associated with an odd. It means that you need to understand each and every fact of a betting term before placing a bet. If you try to jump to different sports, you need to put more effort since each game has many different betting terms and style. That is why we recommend that you stick to one game until you become an expert in that. After that, you can try out other games.